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Experience             +       

We have approximately two decades of experience in the industry ranging from small domestic dispute cases to hundreds of computers involved in government investigations.  Our clients range from the Fortune 50 to single individuals requiring our services.  We have extensive successful experiences in cases involving an "insider gone bad", which can be very difficult to prove when the suspected attacker already has the keys to your kingdom and could have potentially covered his or her tracks on their way out.  It is important that your expert has the right match of experience for your case. 

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   Technical Depth 

We are not a "press a button and trust the software's answer" consultancy.  We fully understand the intricate details those buttons attempt to automate.  We have learned from the ground up:  from building our own CPU's to writing the assembly language software to execute on what we have built.  Modern "press button forensics" does not teach that level of experience and never will.  Do you want to leave your case up to an expert that cannot explain how he or she obtained the "smoking gun" evidence beyond pressing a button on their favorite forensic software package?

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=                 Value

Our unique blend of experience and technical knowledge only leads to a high level of value for our clients.  Not only do our clients benefit from this value, but we have contributed to the improvement of our industry as a whole.  Other experts routinely use the open source tools we have written and released along with publicly available methodologies.  We also regularly participate in groups essential to our industry such as the American Bar Association (ABA) and the IEEE.  

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We Can Realize Your Success Together 


We work hard for you in an ethical, unbiased, and 100% truthful manner.  No matter what news you may receive from your digital investigator, if it is the truth it is good news depending on how you perceive it.  If the answer is that you or your clients have nothing to worry about, that is an obvious win for your situation.  

However, if the answer is that you or your client may have a deeply rooted problem on your hands you may be able to adjust your defenses accordingly before the adverse opposing party in litigation or an attacker uses the information against you without warning - assuming we are engaged early enough. Although it may not seem like good news on the surface, you can imagine the further damage we could help you prevent and save you extra resources, extra costs, and overall stress so you can get back to your business and look great doing it!